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Our data loss prevention product detects unauthorised access to your customers’ personal information in real-time, reduces the risk of potential data breaches, and safeguards your online store in a simple, elegant way.

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What is Data Breach Monitoring?

Our flagship service, the Data Breach Monitoring (DBM), actively monitors the actions of users on your online store, looks for irregularities, and immediately alerts on suspicious activities.

The DBM detects major potential security breaches, such as Magecart attacks, supply-chain attacks, skimming, and form-jacking, in real-time.

You’re instantly alerted when your site is compromised, which allows you to take appropriate measures before a data breach adversely affects your business. 

Quick detection and notification are critical to ensure that the potential breach is liquidated as soon as possible, before it affects your customers.

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Alert

Monitor your Customer Data 24/7

The DBM service implements systematic data security on your eCommerce platform. We actively monitor the real user interaction with your online store, look for deviations, and immediately alert you on suspicious activity, such as unauthorized changes to content. 

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Detect online attacks

Detect Online Attacks

Our DBM service identifies major malware attacks, Magecart attacks, supply-chain attacks, skimming, and form-jacking, as they occur, and notifies you of any variations in order for you to mitigate potential threats and safeguard your customers. 

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Protection

Comply with Data Protection Legislation

Our DBM boosts your compliance with data protection legislation across your eCommerce solution by providing you with the means to detect and prevent unauthorised access. With transparent evidence of precautionary steps taken, you can easily prove your business's dedication to customer data protection.

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Monitoring

Focus on Your Business

Reduce the risk, exposure, and side effects of data loss by depending on Lokte to secure your platform. Concentrate on your business goals, enhance your eCommerce solution, and reap the benefits of providing your customers with a safe way to shop. Safeguard your reputation and your customers' trust with our DMB service on any eCommerce platform today.

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How it Works

You add a script to your project, and while customers interact with your website, we record and build a list of calls made from the site. We go through this list with your team and whitelist the calls. We continue analysing calls that users trigger in the background. If a new call that is not on the whitelist is detected, we receive an alert and analyze the incident. The incident is then added to our whitelist, or marked as suspicious. We notify your team as soon as an alert is deemed suspicious in nature.

What you get

Your Benefits

Reduce detection times with Lokte Data Breach monitoring

Reduced detection time from days, weeks or months to minutes

Comply with Legislations with Lokte Data Breach Monitoriing

Help complying with national and international legislation

Data Breach Monitoring with Lokte gets threats liquidated quickly

Potential threats liquidated quickly after detection

Protect Your Reputation With Lokte Data Breach Monitoring

Protection for your reputation and your customers’ trust

Ask yourself

Is the DBM Service Right for your eCommerce business?

✓ Want to protect your customer data
✓ Want to prevent fines and damage
✓ Use third-party JavaScript
✓ Want to protect your business’ reputation

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Prevention

What it costs

Our Packages


Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Monitoring Standard


per month

Hourly Page Views

< 15 000

Response Time

24 hours

Setup Cost 



Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Monitoring Premium


per month

Hourly Page Views

< 35 000

Response Time

12 hours

Setup Cost

2 500€


Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Monitoring Enterprise


per month

Hourly Page Views

< 60 000

Response Time

1 hour

Setup Cost

4 500€

Enterprise XL

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Data Breach Monitoring Enterprise XL

1 500€

per month

Hourly Page Views

> 60 000

Response Time

1 hour

Setup Cost

4 500€

* Setup cost is free until 31.05.2021, whereafter the cost will be the price indicated in the pricing table above per site.


Order the DBM Service


DBM service has been developed with your time in mind. Forget messy technical documentation, complex coding or web server access rights. To get started, all we’ll need is an easy implementation from your team and our security team will take care of the rest, so you can focus on running your business. Order your DBM service below and rest easy - your customer data is in good hands.


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