Protect Your eCommerce Solution with Lokte’s Data Breach Monitoring Tool

We’re happy to introduce our Data Breach Monitoring tool, a data loss prevention product that safeguards your business and keeps your customers’ data secure as they shop.

Data breaches occur daily, and the total number of attacks and the severity of impact keeps growing, as crafty hackers concoct new ways to target and steal sensitive information. A 2020 Mid Year Data Breach QuickView Report by Risk Based Security revealed that over 27 billion records were exposed between January 1, 2020, and June 30, 2020, surpassing the total number of records exposed during the whole of 2019 by over 12 billion records. Experts predict that the number and type of data breaches will far exceed last year’s figures by the close of 2020.

In order to combat a threat that knows no borders or boundaries, we’ve developed a data loss prevention tool that identifies potential breaches, such as Magecart attacks, supply-chain attacks, skimming, and form jacking, as soon as they occur. Our product monitors real user journeys on your eCommerce solution and detects unauthorized calls. This immediate alarm allows you to take appropriate action before a potential data breach can negatively impact your business. Lokte’s Data Loss Monitoring tool reduces the time it takes to detect suspicious activity and the effect on your business from days, weeks, or months, to minutes.

In the current world of eCommerce, quick detection is vital to the prosperity of your business and the safety of your customers. Without appropriate monitoring and security measures, the adverse effect of a data breach on your business could be permanent. The financial impact of fighting the breach, lost profits, and potential legal penalties, combined with regulatory ramifications, and finally, the damage to your reputation and the loss of customers’ trust, all could culminate in an irreversible blow to your company.

Lokte | eCommerce Security

With the assistance of our Data Breach Monitoring tool, we aim to curb the growing influence of online attacks and help your eCommerce solution reduce risks and allow you to focus on your operational affairs. We also appreciate that due to the global pandemic, you may have more on your plate than usual. That’s exactly why we’ve developed a tool with your ease of use in mind. There’s no need to grant us web server access rights or provide your site code. To activate the Data Breach Monitoring tool, all you will need to provide us is a website URL and then you’ll need to follow straight forward instructions; we will set everything up for you and our product will begin safeguarding your business at once. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what type of eCommerce solution you have - our tool can be used on any website, regardless of the eCommerce platform in question.

Click here to purchase our Data Breach Monitoring tool and activate your personal security protection today. Book a call with our dedicated Data Breach Monitoring team if you’d like to discuss your current situation and find a solution that best suits the needs of your online business.