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Lokte sets your business up for success by identifying your eCommerce solution’s vulnerabilities and weak points - and providing you with the recommended best practice for your online security, and the relevant context to help you prioritize the prescribed mitigation steps.

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Lokte | eCommerce Security | Security Audit | Penetration Test

What we offer

Penetration Testing and Security Audit

Through Lokte’s Penetration Testing service and Security Audit service, our skilled team of security experts illuminates the vulnerabilities and methods that bad actors could utilize to break into your website - and allows you to leverage our findings to bolster your online security. Feel reassured, confident, and inspired, knowing that your eCommerce solution will be following the best practices in the industry for online security.



Which service is right for your business?

While both of the services provide you with exceptional value in terms of knowledge and guidance concerning the current temperature of your security setup, they each offer you unique advantages. It’s ideal to utilize both of our services for the very best results. 

Lokte’s Penetration Testing service provides an external look at your project, wherein the primary focus is forging the same path a hacker would take to break into your system with the aim of highlighting security gaps. Lokte’s Security Audit service provides an in-depth analysis of your system to determine the best practice methods, including tools and processes, and how to put them into effect.

A Security Audit is ideal prior to project launch or after the extensive changes. Additionally, it is good to do a Security Audit when changes in team members occur, or a new agency is placed in charge of the project. After a Security Audit is completed, a Penetration Test is recommended annually to ensure vulnerabilities are identified. If you’ve never had a Security Audit or a Penetration Test performed on your project, it would be optimal to have both, starting with a Penetration Test.

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Pen Test

Ask yourself

How often should you do pen test or security audit?

✓ At least once per year
✓ After major updates or changes
✓ As part of security by design approach


Services that Lokte provides for your business

Lokte’s services involve different methods that vary in volume and scope, with the same objective of pinpointing vulnerabilities in your system, and diagnosing the issues, as well as providing guidelines for improvements that will ensure better security posture for your eCommerce solution.

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Security Services
Lokte | eCommerce Security | Security Audit

The in-depth manual assessment of your eCommerce solution’s illuminates vulnerabilities and allows you to stay ahead of online attacks.

The Security Audit involves a deep dive into your web application by our experts trained in the art of eCommerce security. The goal of the Security Audit is to identify and examine deficiencies in the design and implementation of your eCommerce solution to understand whether an attacker can exploit the vulnerability to gain access to your sensitive data. We provide our findings to you in a detailed report, along with clear recommendations on improvements and remediation.

Lokte | eCommerce Security | Penetration Testing

Identify security gaps in your web application with Lokte’s comprehensive Penetration Testing.

Lokte’s Penetration Testing  features a safe, simulated online attack performed by skilled testers on your web application with the goal of discovering exploitable vulnerabilities. Our testers imitate the actions of bad actors and essentially try to find a way to gain entry into your web application by using a variety of techniques. Following our “attack” on your system, our findings will be detailed in a report that will allow you to utilize the discoveries to bolster your online security and eliminate any vulnerabilities that endanger your system and customer data.


Take your eCommerce solution to new heights, with Lokte’s suite of security services

Lokte’s team features a tight-knit group of security gurus who are passionate about investigating the latest trends, technology, and best practice in the field of online security. Our priority is giving you the advantage over online criminals, and their competitors, by arming you with the intel and guidance to reinforce your online security.